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Another Grat Track From Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney has been giving us something to look forward to each week.

Kenny is delivering another grat track. This one is called “We Do” off his upcoming Here And Now album solely to his faithful No Shoes Nation fan club members on Thursday, April 23rd at 10 a.m. ET via a link. Everyone else will have access to the song on Friday, April 24th at all digital retailers.

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Kenny said, “I always talk about how I can hear them from the bus, and that fun just gets backstage, floats through the air. You get caught up in it. And I hear the stories, about Lot 12, the people who come together from all over, the cookouts, the tiki bars, the people raising money for charity . . . They take all that energy, then they go out into the world and live their lives the same way. Knowing that, you really do want to ask, ‘Who lives like we do?’ Because the answer is simple: ‘We Do.’”

Kenny talked about “We Do” on Instagram.


With the first half of Kenny’s 2020 tour postponed, his fans recently got together across social media, Kenny’s No Shoes Radio platforms, and a few socially distanced people actually in AT&T Stadium’s Lot 12 where they would’ve been celebrating before 2020’s first show for a #VirtualTailgateParty.

Kenny’s Here And Now album will be released next Friday, May 1st.

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