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Ashley McBryde Shares Best Road Advice

New artist heading out on the road? Ashley McBryde has some words of wisdom for you!

Ashley McBryde revealed the best piece of advice she’s ever given to anyone.  Ashley said Lainey Wilson was the recipient of her wisdom while the two were out on tour together.

“I think the best advice I probably ever gave was to Lainey back in the day when she was out opening for us. And I said, ‘I’ll do everything I can. I don’t know what all I can do for you, but I’ll do everything I can if you promise me that you’ll turn around and do it for somebody else. And she has.” – Ashley McBryde

Ashley revealed her favorite piece of advice, which is to never run out of baby wipes.

“When you live on the road with a bunch of men? Festival season? There should be a candle that is just that scent.” – Ashley McBryde

Well said, Ashley. We agree!

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