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Chris Janson Releases New Video

We love the song and we REALLY love the video!

Chris Janson has released the video for his latest single, “Bye Mom.” The clip plays out co-writer Brandon Kinney’s own story as he honors his late mother on screen. Kinney’s children play younger versions of himself, and his wife plays the mom. 

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Janson said, “I hope the ‘Bye Mom’ video brings back memories that everyone can identify with. This song is really about going through different stages of life and feeling that special kind of unconditional love. It was especially important to me to have Brandon and his family star in the video because it’s his real story. Nobody could’ve provided the real emotion better. His whole family really ties it all together. I’m humbled by them, thankful and so proud.”

“Bye Mom” is the first single from Janson’s upcoming album. Watch the video here!

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