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Garth Brooks Receives Nashville Honor

It happened earlier this week.

Garth Brooks was the very first recipient of the No Fences Award at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville this week.

“I love how in this award’s criteria it lists that a recipient is someone who ‘defied traditional standards’, I did not know that they would give an award for someone who defied traditional standards. I really don’t think we defied it. Hopefully in our music you can hear Haggard, you can hear Jones, you can hear George Strait. But also in our music you can hear  Seger…you can hear James Taylor…and you can hear the greatest of a lot of genres – hopefully in our stuff.” – Garth Brooks

Read more about Garth Brooks now!

Do you think Garth “defied traditional standards?” Who do you think will be next year’s recipient? Text us at 573-893-9494 and let us know!

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