Turkey day is coming up... how much do we really need?
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How Much Turkey Do We Need This Thanksgiving?

Hosting Thanksgiving this year like everything else is going to look a little different. Because of this, you need to be mindful of how much turkey you need to prepare. While normally the houses are full of guests and friends, you may only have a handful of people this year.

Once you’ve finalized a headcount you should buy a turkey that weighs at least 1.25 pounds per gust you have. For example, if you are going to have around 12 guests celebrating the day of thanks together plan to get at least a 15-pound bird! However, that number is only for adults, what of the children? Well, round down to just a pound if most of the guests will be little ones.

Another useful tip that might help you from overcooking this year is to get a few small turkeys. You may wonder “but why?” Well for one, they will cook faster and two, you might save yourself from wasting a ton of food. Though remember most people do go back for seconds, and maybe even thirds! Oh and that’s not even counting the sides!

What is the headcount on your Thanksgiving looking like this year?

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