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Luke Combs Dishes On ‘Going, Going, Gone’

We can’t get this one out of our heads!

Luke Combs is celebrating yet another hit! It just happens to be his 15th consecutive #1 song, “Going, Going, Gone” and as a songwriter, he has lots of stories to tell about how these amazing hits were written.

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You know, we wrote that song, that riff was just it was there and it was undeniable in the room and, and I pulled that idea out and it just made sense to all of us and I feel like that track if I’m, if I’m remembering, correct, that’s the last track on Growin’ Up. The point of that was to go okay, well, this is where we’re going right? Like I didn’t announce when Growin’ Up came out that there was going to be a second part to this thing and really, there’s not. But I wanted people to go okay, well, you know, this track 12 I really liked that thing. It’s this new sound, it’s different. It’s something else, but I still love it and I still can relate to it. And I wanted to let people know that that’s kind of where this was going right like leading into this next album. – Luke Combs

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