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Luke Combs Teaches Ed Sheeran An Important Life Skill

Will Ed start doing this at his shows?

A few days after Luke Combs and Ed Sheeran performed together to rave reviews during last week’s ACM Awards, the two teamed up again, but not to write or sing. Their time spent together included Luke teaching Ed how to shotgun a beer, as captured in a video posted to social media. See the magical moment here. After Luke explains the process, they countdown to shotgunning their beers together, with Luke the clear winner.

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Ed shared the video writing, “Learning how to shotgun a beer with @lukecombs.” Luke quickly replied, “Cheers, mate! (Did I do that right? Haha.)”

There’s no word yet on whether the two will make future music together, but they’re definitely having fun! We hope to see more fun videos like this!

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