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Maren Morris Hopes To Inspire Others With Hit

It’s a good one!

Maren Morris included a lot of her own personal circumstances in her latest hit, “Circles Around This Town,” but she said the message is universal enough for everyone to relate to it.

“I think that with the chorus we really, in a cyclical way, tied in the idea of yes, I’m looking back on my past, but I’m also still in the driver’s seat doing the same exact things. Like I’m still trying to outdo myself and I’m still getting inspired by this town every single day. Obviously, it’s very specific to my story but I think it’s relatable to a mass of people who are just trying their best and trying to figure out what their dream is and chase it down and stay inspired by it over time.” – Maren Morris

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“Circles Around This Town” is a Top 10 hit and climbing on the Mediabase chart. Watch the video now!

It’s the lead single from her latest album, Humble Quest, which was released in March.

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