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Miranda Lambert In The Beverage Biz

This is quite the partnership!

Miranda Lambert and Lone River premium brewed beverages have teamed up for a multi-year partnership. Lone River was founded by fourth-generation Texan Katie Beal Brown and features beverages “inspired by classic tequila cocktails.” Check out their cute ads here and here!

“I don’t do a ton of partnerships, but I was drawn to Katie’s story, and found so many similarities with my own, so working with Lone River is really special for me. I’m a storyteller first and foremost, and that’s exactly what Katie set out to do with this brand. Lone River was built on honoring her family’s roots and sharing an authentic way of life in West Texas. I’m excited to see what kind of noise us Texas women can make together!” – Miranda Lambert

Read more about Miranda now!

Throughout the partnership, Miranda and Katie will be teaming up to empower like-minded entrepreneurial women in different cities through a series of luncheons, networking events, and beyond. Sounds cool! Can’t wait to try this beverage!

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