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Netflix Update Makes Life Easier

Streaming services like Netflix get updated all the time. However, the most recent change the streaming giant has offered is going to make watching from a phone much easier! The update has implemented a new feature called “screen lock”. This option can be found in the bottom left of the menu where the sound options are located. It can also be activated at the beginning of any show or movie.

If you chose to use the screen lock option, things on screen changes will occur. The “play” and “pause” button will be replaced with a lock icon, preventing accidental taps! This is extremely helpful when children have access to your phone. Turn the feature on and no longer will they end up watching something they shouldn’t… or get into other things on your phone.

As someone who watches a lot from my phone, the screen lock feature will get utilized quite often!

With that being said what is the lastest show or movie that you have watched? Let us know as we continue to experience quarantine together.

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