Porch pirates are on the rise this year!

Watch Out For Porch Pirates This Year

While we are all ready to get into the holiday spirit and leave 2020 behind us… There is still one more challenge we must face, PORCH PIRATES! Since the start of this pandemic, a lot more online shopping has been happening this year. While nothing is wrong with online shopping, there is however a big problem with people stealing those packages.

Porch pirates have fully taken advantage of all the online ordering. A poll from Finder.com revealed that over 1,700 adults here in the U.S. have hard around $200 worth stolen from their front porch this year alone. Nearly 14 percent of Americans have had at least one of their packages stolen. While that doesn’t sound like a whole lot to put this in perspective that is roughly over 35 million people! During the holidays there will be even more packages delivered than ever before which means the number of packages stolen will only continue to increase.

A few tips for the holidays; One, get yourself a camera or one of those ring doorbells to ensure that extra bit of safety. Two, if ordering packages through Amazon, set your delivery day when ordering multiple packages on a day you know you will be home! Have you had anything stolen off your front door this year?

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