Breakfast For Your Brain With Cameron’s Country Cafe

Join KAT Country Mornings with Erin and Chris each weekday at 6:35 AM for KAT Country’s Breakfast for Your Brain with Cameron’s Country Café in Holts Summit.

They’ll ask you a challenging trivia question and the first person with the correct answer will win a $10 gift certificate to Cameron’s Country Café in the Holts Summit Plaza.

Breakfast For Your Brain is brought to you by Cameron’s Country Café in Holts Summit. When you come in for breakfast, lunch dinner or their delicious Sunday buffet, you’re part of the family. Welcome to the family!

Listen to Breakfast for your Brain at home while you’re getting ready in the morning. Stream 94.3 KAT Country through your smart speaker. Find out how, HERE.

This week’s questions:

Monday, October 25th

Question: According to a recent survey, more than 20% of Americans keep this in their glove compartment. What is it?

Answer: Toothpaste!

Tuesday, October 26th

Question: According to a recent survey, 14% of adults say they’ve had a drink or two before going here. Where is it?

Answer: The dentist.  

Wednesday, October 20th

Question: The 1984 Plymouth Voyager minivan was the first mass market vehicle to come with these. What is it? 

Answer: Cup holders!

Thursday, October 21st

Question: According to a new survey, this is the most recognizable TV theme song. What is it?  

Answer: Jeopardy! 

Friday, October 22nd

Question: 70% of people who have one of these say it helps them stay fit. What is it?

Answer: A dog!


  1. I missed on of the answers for Breakfast for your Brain a week or so ago and never go to look it up. It’s driving me nuts! It was the one that if women do it they could die but it doesn’t affect men. What was the answer???

  2. Have you ended having your Breakfast for your Brain questions?

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