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Listen to 94.3 KAT Country At Home

A new way to experience 94.3 KAT Country is here

Whether you have an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomePod, you can listen to 94.3 KAT Country in your home.

If you have an Amazon Echo all you need to do is say to Alexa…
“Alexa, enable the 94.3 KAT Country skill.”

If you have Google Home, 94.3 KAT Country will play through your TuneIn App. Just say…
“Okay Google, Play 94.3 KAT Country”

The Apple HomePod is a little trickier. To listen to 94.3 KAT Country through your HomePod you’ll first have to download the 94.3 KAT Country App.

Once you have our app on your iPhone all you have to do is say…
“Hey Siri, Open the 94.3 App”

If you say “KAT Country,” Siri won’t understand what you said. Siri only understands “Cat” and not “KAT.” But if you say, “94.3 App,” Siri will happily open our app for you and you can start listening to us through your HomePod.