Classroom Caravan

KAT Country wants to share the joy of reading with kids across Mid-Missouri with Classroom Caravan.

If you’re a teacher or school administrator and would like to have Hilley & Hart visit your classroom to read to your 1st through 3rd grade students, send an email to They’ll get in touch with you and arrange a day to come and read to your children!


  1. Hello Hilley and Hart,

    I had a first-grade student’s parent reach out to me and ask if you could come and read to their first-grade classroom. You visited our school before when I was a first-grade teacher and now I am the proud principal! We would love to have you visit!

    Reading is great, reading is fun!
    Hilley and Hart can never be outdone.
    They share reading across the miles
    Giving joy to students and spreading smiles!

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