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Monday, July 15
Q: Jeopardy Style Category: Sports. The answer: The Cardinals and Yankees. What’s the question?
A: Which teams have won the most World Series in history? (Yankees 27, Cards 11)


Monday, July 8
Q: Jeopardy Style Category: Vegetables. The answer: China. What’s the question?
A: Who is the world’s largest producer of potatoes?

Tuesday, July 9 TEXT TUESDAY
Q: More than half of young people say they’d prefer to tell Mom about this rather than Dad . What is it?
A: crashing the car

Wednesday, July 10
Q: Research suggests doing this past the age of 80 could help you live longer. What is it?
A: getting a job/working

Thursday, July 11
Q: Almost one in 5 people think this type of business should be open 24 hours a day. What is it?
A: the dentist

Q: We told you on Monday about an historic artifact that was recently stolen. In what country did it happen?
A: France (the Excalibur sword)

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